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Roger Gray

QwertyVox Giving Voice to Great Ideas 

My voice has been described as Knowledgeable, Authentic, Authoritative but Not Overpowering; Rugged & Experienced.  Bring up the energy, and we get Car Sales Guy . . . Really ramp the energy and we get Extreme VOG, Wrestling Announcer or Game Show Host. 

I am a full-time VO artist, working from a third-party certified home studio; this means very fast turnaround, nimble retakes, and many options for file type and delivery.  Live directed sessions too. 

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Demos | Roger Gray

Demo Reels, Published Work


Knowledgable Earnest Everyman can help you get the best shave ever,   wake up and fight a cold, and experience a luxury car.  Coool Guy offers Jazz Radio ID, Car Guy offers hot SUVs, and Helpful Believable Guy knows where to find good water.

Rum Chata's Mini Chata | R. Gray

An extreme, over the top V.O.G. camp retro game show announcer.  On a scale of 1-5, this is a 4.5 for over the top.  This voice can also be rendered at a level 2 or 3 . . .


Even broccoli is interesting with the right voice and production; flu shots don't work immediately, and this voice cares about you and your family; got an ax to grind? This knowledgable voice can tell you how to do it best.

Local Real Estate Buyer (:60) | R. Gray

Long form major metro radio spot. Voice Qualities: Knowledgable, believable, authoritative,  sincere, honest,  and helpful.

Gardeners Table Intro | R. Gray

Gardener's Table podcast intro; Univ. Cal Master Gardeners chat about growing, preparing and eating their favorite food crop.

Globus Financial | R. Gray

Sincere, Experienced, Knowledgable Friend offers financial advice to a young adult demographic fretting about the future.

Custom Auditions Invited! 

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"Ancient Accent" Workshops & Individual Coaching for Stage, Screen, & Voice Actors: 

  • Elizabethan & Shakespearian English as it was Actually Spoken + Everything's Shakespeare

  • Pirate-Speak 101

  • Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, & Hamlet: How English Changes

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Vintage Mic


ROGER came to Voice work through an eclectic mix of life experiences, including a background in Journalism, Law, Public Education, Science, and History -- allowing sharper interpretations for specialized VO projects; a certified Master Gardener, blacksmith, former Magician and current Living History performer, his many hats add depth.

 ROGER is a  long time sole practitioner, with effective freelance business skills. 

Formal Training: 

  • B.A.  USC Journalism / Political Science 1982

  • J.D.  Catholic Univ. America 1985

  • California Clear Teaching Credentials, Multiple Subject &  K-8 Science

  • Univ. Calif. ANR Master Gardener 

  • VFA VO Master Class

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The Studio:

Technical Details

In Pasadena, in a 1903 "Craftsorian" house, there is a heavily sound treated room --  inside of which is a further sound-treated booth and VO recording space, certified by third parties to produce broadcast quality sound.  The studio runs:

  • Røde NT1-A mic

  • M-track 2x2 Interface

  • Pro Tools (full)

  • Mac Mini (32GB Ram) 

 Live directed sessions are possible with simple phone links, proprietary Skype-link with Pro Tools, and Source Connect.

OF COURSE, Pasadena is near all the cool studios in greater SoCal if an in-house session is desired. 

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Roger Gray | Voice Actor

Pasadena, California, USA

626 322-9969

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